India telecom budget: CSC India wants Govt. to ensure last mile broadband connectivity

Telecom Lead India: Business growth in any country will
depend on its broadband penetration. India has 13 million broadband
subscribers. The forthcoming national telecom policy will assist the mobile
market to add more Internet and broadband users.

Narendra Nayak, director Sales, CSC India, shares his
vision for Union Budget for 2012-13.

I believe that the time is apt for the finance minister
to display positive intent in taking economic reforms and liberalization to the
next level.

The world is undergoing a transition from an internet
economy to an ‘As- a -Service’ economy and for India to realize its full
benefits, this budget should display adequate vision to achieve last mile
broadband connectivity on priority. It acts as a major hindrance towards the
country trying to maintain its leadership position in the IT world.

The government must also spend on upgrading technology
infrastructure in the country as well as invest heavily in e-governance. This
will serve many purposes. It will create demand locally, bring efficiency and
transparency to government, as well as improve education through e-learning.

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