India telecom spectrum auction on 6 February status

As per the final status of Indian telecom spectrum auction on day 4 – February 6, demand for the 900 MHz band in Delhi increased, while Mumbai and Kolkata bid price remained stable. In 1800 MHz, demand for select circles has picked up.

DoT sources do not share specific activities of telecom operators such as Reliance Jio Infocomm, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone India, etc.

Comprehensive chart for all 4 days of spectrum auction

The provisional winning price per block for the 900 MHz band at the end of round 28 today for Delhi telecom circle touched Rs 639.24 crore against Rs 574.08 crore on Wednesday, Rs 530.73 crore on Tuesday and Rs 428.92 crore on Monday.

Mumbai bid price remained stable at Rs 563.09 crore on Thursday as compared with Wednesday. The bid price was Rs 563.09 crore on Wednesday against Rs 552.05 crore on Thursday and Rs 473.24 crore on Monday.

DoT sources said there was no change in the provisional winning price for the Kolkata telecom circle at Rs 192.71 crore as compared with the price on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the price was Rs 183.54 and Rs 173.16 crore on Monday in the 900 MHz band.

Result of Telecom spectrum auction on day 1

Result of Telecom spectrum auction on day 2

Result of Telecom spectrum auction on day 3

Spectrum auction report for Thursday

1800 MHz band almost stable

On Thursday, the fresh demand for the less attractive 1800 MHz band was almost subdued, according to data shared by DoT. The exception was in telecom circles such as Gujarat, Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh (East) and Uttar Pradesh (West)

Status on Thursday for 1800 MHz band

On Thursday, the provisional winning price per block for the 1800 MHz band for Jammu & Kashmir circle touched Rs 1.02 crore, Andhra Pradesh Rs 32.60 crore, Assam Rs 2.51 crore, Bihar Rs 8.46 crore, Delhi Rs 46.01 crore, Gujarat Rs 39.87 crore, Haryana Rs 5.40, Himachal Pradesh Rs 1.20 crore, Karnataka Rs 31 crore, Kerala Rs 10.40 crore, Kolkata Rs 14.60 crore, Madhya Pradesh Rs 8.92 crore, Maharashtra, excluding Mumbai, Rs 45.46 crore, Mumbai Rs 41.40 crore, North East Rs 1.40 crore, Orissa Rs 3.20 crore, Punjab Rs 10.80 crore, Rajasthan Rs 5.20 crore, Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, Rs 41.60 crore, West Bengal, excluding Kolkata, Rs 4.74 crore, Uttar Pradesh (East) Rs 12.56 crore and Uttar Pradesh (West) Rs 16.91 crore.

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