Indian telecoms average gross revenue up 9% in June 2013 quarter: TRAI

TRAI report says Indian telecom operators – such as Bharti Airtel, BSNL, Reliance Communications, etc – reported 9.04 percent year-on-year growth in gross revenue (GR) to Rs 57,261  crore  and 8.85 percent  increase in adjusted gross revenue (AGR) to Rs 38,640 crore in June 2013 quarter.

The quarter-on-quarter growth in GR was 5.48 percent and 9.53 percent in AGR, TRAI said on Tuesday.

TRAI said pass-through charges accounted for 32.52 percent of the GR for the quarter ending June 2013. The quarterly and the year-on-year growth rates of license fee are 8.09 percent and 5.14 percent, respectively for the quarter.

Access services contributed 78.91 percent of the total adjusted  gross revenue of telecom services. In access services, gross revenue, adjusted gross revenue, license fee and spectrum charges increased by  5.75 percent, 9.68 percent, 4.39 percent and 9.86 percent  respectively, whereas pass through decreased by 2.62 percent.

Composition of Telephone Subscribers

Monthly  Average   Revenue   Per   User   (ARPU)  for GSM  service increased  by 6.14 percent,  from  Rs 105 in  March 2013 to Rs 111 in  June 2013, with y-o-y increase of 16.73 percent. Monthly ARPU for CDMA service increased  by 3.26 percent, from Rs 95 in March 2013 to Rs 98 in  June 2013.  ARPU for CDMA has increased by 31.28 percent on y-o-y basis.

TRAI said the overall MOU per subscriber per month for GSM service increased by 1.38 percent from 383 in March 2013 to 388 in June 2013.  Prepaid MOU per subscriber increased from 361 to 364 and postpaid MOUs increased from 946 to 990 in this quarter.

The number of telephone subscribers in   India   increased   from 898.02 million in March 2013 to 903.09 million in June 2013, registering a growth of 0.56 percent  over  the  previous quarter. This  reflects   year-on-year (Y-O-Y) negative  growth   of  6.47 percent  over the  same  quarter of  last  year.

Subscription in Urban Areas decreased  from  548.80 million in March 2013 to 545.48 million in June 2013, and  Urban Teledensity also declined  from 146.96 to 145.35. Whereas, Rural subscription increased  from  349.22 million to 357.61 million. Share of subscription in  Rural   areas  out   of  total   subscription  increased from  38.89 percent  at the end of Mar-13 to 39.60 percent  at the end of Jun-13.

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