Indian telecoms should enhance web-browsing, mobile search, IM services

Mobile Internet users
Indian telecom network operators and mobile phone makers should look to prioritize and enhance web-browsing, mobile search and IM services to improve customer experience, said Strategy Analytics.

“This strategy will assist to serve as differentiators in an emerging crowded handset market and drive earlier consumer adoption, which can in turn lead to greater consumer loyalty,” said Christopher Dodge, associate director, MSX and report author at Strategy Analytics.

Strategy Analytics found that more than 60 percent of Indian survey respondents are using web browser, mobile search and IM services on a daily basis.

Web-browsing, mobile search and IM services are the core services which users in India want to use with the greatest frequency among other mobile services available.

India is the third largest smartphone market in the world.

Mobile phone owners in India are driven to use services which help them to gather information (mobile search and web browsing) and communicate with services which offer enhanced features (i.e. IM, email, and social networking).

Meanwhile, the India mobile phone industry is anticipated to grow 4 percent to 250 million units in 2016, said market research agency CMR. Smartphones in India will grow at 37 percent compared to 32 percent average growth for the previous three years.

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