Iran to have 91.7 million mobile subscriber connections in 2015

Telecom Lead Middle East: Iranian telecom market
will have 91.7 million mobile subscriber connections in 2015.


TCI will have 56.5 percent market share, according to
Research and Markets.


Iran’s mobile market exhibited considerably slower growth
in 2011 compared with previous years, which reflects the market’s maturity,
with the penetration rate just shy of 100 percent at the end of the year,
according to BMI Iran Telecommunications Report.


Research and Markets said that the growth and market’s
maturity led Business Monitor International (BMI) to revise down forecasts last
quarter, which it holds in the Q212 update on Iran’s telecommunications market.


For its research study, the market analysis firm covered
TCI (Telecommunication Company of Iran), MTN Irancell (MTN Group), Taliya
(Rafsanjan Industrial Complex Islamic Cooperative Company), and MTCE (Mobile
Telecommunications Company of Esfahan).


UANI slams MTN for its increased Investments in Iran


Recently, United against Nuclear Iran (UANI) CEO,
Ambassador Mark D. Wallace slammed MTN for its increasing investments and
expansion in Iran.


MTN Irancell is the second-largest mobile phone network
operator in Iran, and the majority of its shares are owned by the Iranian
regime, which has exploited MTN’s network and technology to monitor and track
the activities and communications of peaceful dissidents.


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