Job Reductions at Sunrise Impact Employees in Switzerland

In a significant development, Sunrise, the telecommunications company, has announced plans to reduce 200 positions, affecting employees in Switzerland. The company’s decision is part of a restructuring effort, aiming to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.
Sunrise 5G networkThe job reductions are set to be implemented through various measures, including natural attrition, staff transfers within the company, and encouraging early retirement. This strategic approach is expected to result in 166 redundancies, a slightly lower figure than the initially projected 180 redundancies. The reduction represents approximately 6 percent of the total 2,703 Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) at Sunrise and is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2024.

The majority of the affected employees will receive notifications in the second half of January, marking a critical period of transition for the workforce. However, Sunrise emphasizes its commitment to providing comprehensive support to those impacted by the workforce adjustments.

As part of this commitment, a social plan, negotiated with employee representatives and the syndicom trade union in 2021, will come into effect. The social plan includes not only financial support but also addresses the well-being and future prospects of the affected employees.

One key feature of the social plan is the introduction of a new placement program. This initiative aims to facilitate the transition of displaced employees into new roles or industries, providing them with valuable assistance in securing alternative employment opportunities.

Additionally, a fund has been established to support individual bridging measures. This financial resource is intended to help affected employees during their transition period, offering them a safety net as they navigate through this challenging phase.