KDDI targets social media analytics market in the U.S.

Telecom Lead America: KDDI America and KDDI R&D
Laboratories have launched its first U.S. web service targeting the social
media analytics market.

The KDDI Social Media Visualizer analyzes the tweets containing
any given keywords and provides the distribution of the user demographics such
as age group, gender, occupation, location and interests based on its unique
user demographics estimation.

KDDI America will offer the new service in the U.S. in
September 2012.

Among the social media sites, Twitter is the best
resource for reputation monitoring because people freely discuss any topics
happening at that moment in real-time.

Both large and small companies are monitoring these user
comments for marketing, branding and customer support purposes.

Hiroyasu Morishita, senior director of Marketing &
Planning at KDDI America, said KDDI Social Media Visualizer’s profiling
technology enables users to estimate the profiles for each individual user by
different segments such as gender, age, occupation and interests. It would be a
great opportunity to participate in its free trial offer to experience this
unique profiling technology.

The unique profiling technology developed by KDDI R&D
Labs takes tweets from any given user to estimate that user’s demographic
information with high accuracy.

This service can be used for analyzing market feedback
for a promotion campaign, brand management, customer support and customer
engagement. This service also supports both English and Japanese languages.

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