KPN taps IBM to expand cloud services in Netherlands

Telecom service provider KPN has tapped enterprise IT vendor IBM to expand its cloud services in the Netherlands.

KPN will build its cloud services on top of IBM’s cloud infrastructure to provide privacy, security and control to its clients.

At present, KPN delivers value added cloud services to over 1 million small, medium-sized, large and corporate businesses in the Netherlands.

The company is investing in developing its cloud-based services that evolve from current focus areas on the end-user to delivering services such as storage, back-up and computing power.


Eelco Blok, CEO of KPN, said: “We were looking for a cloud partner that could offer our clients an easily accessible, flexible and secure cloud platform. IBM also has a broad set of services that allow us to build our current and future cloud portfolio on it.”

IBM has data center capacity across the Netherlands. IBM will provide KPN and their end users cloud services that meet in-country data residency requirements and offer three infrastructure-as-a-service delivery models such as bare metal servers, single-tenant virtual machines and multi-tenant virtual machines. For each workload, KPN can configure and order a solution with physical or virtual servers.

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