Lebanese telecom operator Alfa selects Astellia to deploy 3G+ monitoring solution

Telecom Lead Middle East: Lebanese mobile operator Alfa
has selected Astellia, a provider of monitoring solutions for optimizing mobile
network QoS, to deliver a vendor-independent 3G+ monitoring solution.

Leveraging the solution, Alfa is planning to increase
quality experience of Alfa’s subscribers, and offer major enhancements on
network capabilities.

This partnership comes in line with the national QoS
network plan for 2012 which has set concrete targets. Astellia’s 3G+ monitoring
solution will allow us to proactively address any quality problems on our 3G+
network and analyze hidden network issues,” said Assaad Abousleiman, Alfa’s
Chief Technology Officer (CTO). 

This will enhance the efficiency and performance of our
network and result in offering our entire base of subscribers of 1.7 million with a first
class Quality of Experience (QoE). We are confident that Astellia will lead the
project successfully and allow us to address all requirements within the set
timelines,” Abousleiman added. 

Astellia has already worked with Alfa for its
comprehensive 2G monitoring solution.

Astellia will monitor 3G+ network interfaces for Alfa in
two phases delivering precise, up to cell level information to optimize Alfa’s
radio access network.

Astellia will be upgrading Alfa’s 2G and 3G+ solutions
with new modules. The telecom operator is also looking at enhancing the network
solution with key performance indicators reporting, troubleshooting, and
alarming capabilities.

  It is a great honor for Astellia to be
acknowledged by Alfa for our outstanding network optimization solutions and
services. Through this contract, Astellia is taking Alfa further into the QoE
era by providing a deeper understanding of the inter dependencies between
network equipment, subscribers, mobile devices, voice and data services,” said
Ali Wansa, managing director Middle East at Astellia.

Alfa currently serves over 1.6 million subscribers and
covers 99 percent of Lebanon.

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