LightSquared forms rural LTE initiative

a wholesale-only integrated 4G-LTE wireless broadband and satellite network,
announced the creation of the Empower Rural America Initiative led by an
advisory board that includes former Senator Byron Dorgan
of North Dakota and former Representatives George Nethercutt of Washington
and Charlie Stenholm of Texas.


group will partner with LightSquared
to work with small cities and
rural communities to ensure the deployment of this new satellite and broadband


Work with
LightSquared and other parties to make sure device filters and other approaches
are developed that will resolve any GPS issues related to precision agriculture
and other areas.


that LightSquared’s integrated satellite network can help rural markets augment
their broadband and GPS services to provide greater accuracy and continuity of


the unique public safety concerns of small towns and rural communities by
making the deployment of satellite communications services available to assist
people in these areas in the event of a disaster, such as tornadoes, floods or
other service disruptions to traditional communications systems.


Help close the broadband adoption gap in rural
America. Broadband
is critical to rural areas where it can create jobs, contribute to
economic development and introduce innovations in education, healthcare and
public safety.


is an overwhelming need for reliable wireless broadband for public safety,
education, healthcare and economic development in rural America. We can have a
robust, accurate GPS network and also create a substantial new resource for
rural America in the form of a wireless  network that reaches areas that
still don’t have broadband access,” said former Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota.


is honored to be working with such a highly respected and devoted group of
public servants. The collective wisdom of this advisory board will play a
critical role in LightSquared’s efforts to deliver world-class wireless
broadband service to the underserved populations of rural America,” said Sanjiv Ahuja, chairman and CEO of LightSquared.


the recent bout of violent tornadoes, LightSquared’s services were used by
first responders and public safety officials to communicate after cellular
services were disrupted by the storms.


ability to provide fast and effective communication services for public safety
and emergency response can provide a much needed life line for small and rural
communities in the Tornado belt and other areas of rural America that are flood
prone,” said Charlie Stenholm, former


work to find solutions that will give farmers the accurate GPS signals and
advanced wireless and broadband services available to rural America,” said
former representative George Nethercutt.


shouldn’t be mutually exclusive goals. The need for ubiquitous wireless
broadband services at reasonable costs is one of the greatest needs in these
communities” Nethercutt added.


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