Loop Mobile launches automated messaging mobile-health service to help users quit smoking

Loop Mobile has
launched the QuitSmoke Tips Service for its subscribers who want to give up
smoking. Subscribers can now get text messages and tips that motivate and
prompt them to perform day to day actions that will help them quit smoking. It
is an ideal service for those who have recently made a resolution to stop

Loop Mobile is
providing this service in association with PurpleTeal Technologies
India, a health messaging services provider. For a small fraction of the cost
of a pack of cigarettes, subscribers can get assistance to help them stop
smoking and develop long term smoking avoidance habits.

is pervasive, with more than 20 percent of males in the 20 to 60 age group as
smokers. As it takes significant motivation to quit smoking, Loop Mobile and
PurpleTeal’s QuitSmoke Tips service program acts as a support tool for
subscribers looking cut the habit out their lives.

In line with
the company’s vision to be the leading VAS solutions
provider in the city, this offering is a unique option for Loop Mobile
subscribers to stay healthy.

The QuitSmoke
Tips service embeds the principles of awareness, preparation, action and
repetition in order to ultimately delink smoking from triggering events and to
form new smoking-avoidance habits. The program also focuses on reinforcing the
new habits and offering hints and tips to avoid smoking triggers.

The service
sends daily SMS messages with hints, tips, information and alerts to help
smokers stay focused on quitting, and on dealing with cravings, urges and
withdrawal symptoms, as well as tips and hints to avoid triggers and remain

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