M2M: Orange Business to drive Openmatics’ telematics services for trucks

Telecom Lead Europe: Orange Business Services will drive Openmatics’ initiatives to offer telematics services for trucks via machine-to-machine (M2M) communication network.

Helmut Reisinger, senior vice president, Orange Business Services Europe

Openmatics, a manufacturer-independent open telematics platform, is establishing a new telematics standard in the market that allows combining a variety of applications onto one platform with the highest flexibility.

Through its M2M Center located in Brussels, Orange Business Services will provide Openmatics scalable M2M communications infrastructure to guarantee seamless data transfer.

Moreover, Orange Business Services will implement for Openmatics a managed connectivity service enabling seamless ordering, activation, tracking for SIMs through an innovative portal.

“Orange is our partner of choice because the company has an international footprint and a strong M2M ambition. Orange offers us a single, dedicated entity for managing our global M2M connectivity requirements, and our partnership has the potential to support us with managed services for our platform in the future,” said Thomas Rosch, managing director of Openmatics.

The Openmatics on-board unit embedded with Orange M2M connectivity services will act as a vehicle gateway. Data recorded and received by the on-board unit is transmitted over the Orange network from and to a Web-supported portal.

With this service, the location and status of trucks can be monitored anywhere, apps, configurations and media files can be sent to the vehicles anytime. In addition, vehicle manufacturers and third parties can develop their own apps and offer them for download through the Web shop of Openmatics. This enables fleet operators to plan and manage their businesses more efficiently.

“Orange Business Services is unsurpassed in providing comprehensive M2M solutions with quality of service and a large global footprint. These are indispensible preconditions for the export-oriented German industry to operate successfully in international markets,” said Helmut Reisinger, senior vice president, Orange Business Services Europe.

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