Marten Pieters, MD & CEO, Vodafone: to introduce one-stop shop experience

Vodafone on Monday introduced a newly designed retail store in Mumbai, India.

The strategy is to attract users who are keen to utilize mobile Internet and smartphones.

“Vodafone is at the forefront to introduce innovative concepts, products and services that enrich the lives of our customers. Hence, keeping in mind the trend of increasing smart phone penetration and mobile internet usage, we have taken an innovative approach in retail design to provide a more futuristic one-stop shop experience platform for our customers,” said Marten Pieters, MD & CEO, Vodafone.

The new Vodafone store will be used as a retail laboratory for any new retail initiatives from Vodafone India. ( Vodafone India is expanding its Angel retail stores across the country )

Vodafone has one of the largest exclusive retail footprint in the country with over 7800 stores.

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