MetroPCS offers free 4G smartphone and 50% off to Sprint users

MetroPCS and Sprint data plans
T-Mobile and Sprint are back in action in the U.S. telecom market with new competing data offers on their networks.

American telecom network operator MetroPCS today announced up to 50 percent off on Sprint’s Family Share Pack price and a free 4G LTE smartphone to Sprint customers who switch to MetroPCS.

Sprint, Virgin Mobile or Boost wireless customers are eligible for switching to MetroPCS, a part of T-Mobile network, for saving up to 50 percent on Sprint’s Family Share Pack pricing. Plus, they can get up to five free LTE smartphones as part of the limited period and special offer.

“You can now get a bigger and faster network– based on hundreds of thousands of crowdsourced tests – for up to half the cost,” said Tom Keys, president of MetroPCS.

The saving is from 22 percent to 50 percent on Sprint’s current Family Share Pack pricing when switching one or two lines to MetroPCS.

A customer switching one line of Unlimited LTE service would save 22 percent over Sprint’s current pricing, while a customer with two lines with 2GB of LTE data would save 50 percent. You’ll get the unlimited talk and text and LTE data amounts. You will also get Data Maximizer as well as Mobile Hotspot included at no extra charge.

LG Leon LTE, Kyocera Hydro WAVE, Samsung Core Prime and LG K7 are the smartphones available as part of the special offer from MetroPCS.

For a limited time, any MetroPCS customer on a $50 or $60 plan can add a line to their existing plan and that extra line gets 5GB of LTE data for $30 a month, a 40 percent savings over the regular cost of $50.