M:tel to make investment in SON and subscriber network experience

Bosnian telecom network operator M:tel has decided to make investment in Self-Organizing Networks (SON) and subscriber network experience solutions.

M:tel has selected CellMining to deploy Behavior-based SON  solution to enhance its network performance and offer better customer experience to mobile subscribers.

Before the selection of the SON vendor, M:tel conducted a trial on the Behavior-based SON solution on the live mobile network. During the trial the challenge was for SON to replace manual tasks that were normally performed by M:tel’s radio engineering teams.

The trial results achieved using CellMining’s analytics system based on subscriber usage patterns demonstrated significant KPI improvements, enabling the telecom operator to maximize network performance, reduce network operational costs and deliver an overall improved experience for its subscribers.

“Mobile operators are constantly striving to maintain subscriber loyalty by offering them the best possible user experience,” said Miodrag Vojinovic, CTO of M:tel.

The company implemented the solution over M:tel’s Huawei and Nokia 2G and 3G networks, and is compatible with 4G LTE when that begins to roll out.

CellMining said its SON solution is ready to support closed-loop, near real-time antenna neighboring across the different vendors and technologies; mobility load balancing; resolution for GSM frequency duplication; and UMTS code conflicts and optimization of LAC for subscriber availability and reduced network overhead.