MTN Satellite Communications opens Product Innovation Office in Seattle

Telecom Lead America: MTN Satellite Communications (MTN) has opened Product Innovation Office in Seattle.

This office will focus on creating new products, solutions and services with special thrust on exceptional advances in consumer and enterprise connectivity.

The product innovation will be to supplement the connectivity and value global MTN customers have realized for more than 30 years.

MTN is planning to hire software developers and engineers with exceptional technology skills to build its next-generation communications infrastructure and network, as well as the products it will enable.

“Social networking sites and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, are fueling more high-data consumption. This has generated farther-reaching customer requirements, whether delivered through satellite, Wi-Fi, cloud computing or other technologies,” said Errol Olivier, president and CEO, MTN.

The MTN Product Innovation Team will look at products and services that can assist MTN to deliver Internet, content and social media at sea in ways never before imagined.

Bob Wise, chief innovation officer at MTN, is heading the company’s Seattle office efforts and brings several decades of experience in cloud, mobile, internet and telephony technologies.

“Our Product Innovation Team is charged to raise the bar on ways customers can connect to people, content and applications. Seattle is one of the best places in the world to recruit talent with experience in cloud computing, mobile technology and advanced communications,” Wise said.

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