MTNL reveals action plan for revival

MTNL has lost its market share in Mumbai and Delhi circles to 6.95 percent in fiscal 2019 from 7.37 percent in fiscal 2018 and 7.16 percent in fiscal 2017.
MTNL broadband Mumbai
The state-run MTNL is preparing a revival plan, which was drafted by consultant Deloitte, in order to improve financial conditions.

MTNL has taken several measures to improve the business in Mumbai and Delhi, where it has presence.

MTNL’s engineers have started the redeployment of Digital Subscribers Line Access Modules (DSLAMs) of existing wireline broadband network near to the subscriber premises for reducing copper length and enhancing the quality of broadband service.

MTNL has redeployed 242 DSLAMs in Delhi and 188 in Mumbai till March 2019.

MTNL, during 2018-19, has redeployed 22 DSLAMs in Delhi and 14 in Mumbai for cutting copper length and enhancing the quality of broadband service. This has improved customer experience and reduced the number of complaints.

MTNL has finalized new policy to engage partners on revenue share basis to extend its FTTH services on fiber.

MTNL added 12,105 FTTH subscribers, while 9,520 subscribers (79 percent) were added by revenue share partners in the year 2018-19.

MTNL has signed agreement with New Delhi Municipal Corporation Smart City with the objective to provide various services like FTTH, public Wi-Fi for making NDMC area as a smart city. The project involves around 2000 FTTH connections in Connaught Place area and approx. 250 access points for Wi-Fi enabling.

MTNL offers three times more data in the same price. MTNL will be upgrading download speed of broadband to 8 Mbps progressively without any additional cost depending upon feasibility and line parameters.

MTNL is offering training to line staff to improve maintenance and installation practices. MTNL has replaced existing drop wires with twisted drop wires in order to improve copper pair quality.