MTS Appoints Alexey Katunin as Vice President for Finance

MTS, a leading telecommunications company, made a strategic announcement today regarding the appointment of Alexey Katunin as a member of the Management Board and the new Vice President for Finance.
MTS 4G RussiaAlexey Katunin, with a robust journey within MTS spanning over a decade, commenced his career as an intern in the Financial Control Department in 2009 while pursuing his studies at Moscow State University. Graduating with a master’s degree in economics from the Higher School of Economics in 2012, Alexey Katunin’s dedication and expertise saw him ascend through various roles within the company.

His accomplishments include significant contributions as the Controlling Director, where he oversaw operational finance for MTS Group. Notably, he played a pivotal role in launching the company’s digital product management system and led the coordination of the emergency response program during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Andrey Kamensky, our outgoing Vice President for Finance and a valued member of the Management Board, has been instrumental in our growth over the past five years. We extend our gratitude for his contributions in steering strategic financial planning, debt management, and other critical matters,” stated MTS President Vyacheslav Nikolaev.

Alexey Katunin’s dedication to professional development is evident in his pursuit of additional training, including the Leadership Development Program at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO in 2019 and completion of the Harvard Summer School in Strategic Management and Leadership in 2022. He continues his studies in management at Harvard University, showcasing a commitment to ongoing growth and innovation.

The appointment of Alexey Katunin marks a pivotal moment for MTS as the company focuses on fortifying its strategic initiatives and advancing its position within the telecommunications industry.