MTS of Canada plans to launch LTE in 2012

MTS announced plans to deploy advanced LTE Beginning in
2012. LTE will provide high-speed data, video and multi-media applications and
will complement MTS’s current advanced 4G wireless services.

“With the deployment of LTE technology, MTS expects to continue to offer
the best overall wireless data experience in the most locations within
Manitoba,” said Kelvin Shepherd, president, MTS.

“LTE will further improve our customers’ wireless
service experience by providing increased data speeds, access to exciting new
wireless devices and by increasing their ability to access converged
multi-media services across MTS high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile wireless
networks,” Shepherd added.

LTE technology is expected to feature initial peak data
rates as fast as 75 megabits per second (Mbps) with future data rates of 150
Mbps and beyond. The new LTE network will support average user speeds that are up
to five times faster than MTS’s current 4G HSPA+ wireless network and will
enable MTS to expand its handset options as new LTE enabled devices are
introduced in the market.

Planning and infrastructure development is well underway and MTS will turn on the
first phase of its new LTE network in 2012. MTS customers with LTE devices have
access to MTS’s extensive 4G network and roaming capabilities in locations
where LTE is not yet available.

MTS’s LTE network will operate on the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum
that MTS acquired in Industry Canada’s auction process in 2008.

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