New Verizon and Sprint spectrum deals match AT&T & T-Mobile : Strategy Analytics

The new Verizon and Sprint spectrum deals are matching
AT&T & T-Mobile, according to Strategy Analytics.

Verizon is acquiring spectrum from SpectrumCo and Sprint
is now controlling Clearwire spectrum. This allows these two large operators to
expand capacity into every small city and rural area in the US. The resulting
spectrum will be controlled by AT&T T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint.

Three strong national competitors create significant
Mobile Broadband competition in many European countries,” said Phil Kendall,
Director Wireless Operator Strategies.

In the US, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T will compete to
offer users more bandwidth on this additional spectrum to satisfy the growth in
demand described in the Strategy Analytics report, Smartphone Penetration
Doubles, Driving Non-SMS Data Growth.”

In addition, the deployment of LTE across this spectrum
creates an all-IP mobile broadband network to virtually eliminate local
boundaries. It enables even the smallest regional competitor to offer a
national brand and range of services over a mobile version of the public
Internet. This changes the very definition of -Relevant Geographic Market.

Even smaller regional operators, like MetroPCS, Leap
Wireless and US Cellular, can develop seamless IP-based services and strong
brands to match AT&T and Verizon in their targeted footprint. Spectrum
availability will soon be the principal barrier to entry and growth,” said Sue
Rudd, director, Service Provider Analysis for Strategy Analytics.

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