NTT Com to expand cloud-based traffic analysis system


NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced that
it will enhance its Global IP Network Service by introducing cloud-based
traffic analysis for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) in Australia, France,
Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands
and the United Kingdom.


NTT Com also announced that it has upgraded and will add
a point of presence (PoP) for the service in Tokyo for higher-quality global


NTT Com has been offering its cloud-based traffic
analysis system for DDoS attacks, named Traffic Analysis System, in Japan since
July 2009. The system enables customers to deal more robustly with increasing
attacks on IP networks, including ISPs and data center operators in charge of
managing IP networks.


According to Japan’s National Police Agency, damage from
DDoS attacks increased worldwide in 2010, with more than 80 percent of the
attacks in the U.S. and China, followed by Turkey, Singapore and South Korea.
NTT Com’s decision to offer traffic analysis for DDoS on an international basis
is a direct result of this trend.


The Global IP Network Service will be offered as an
optional service via a dedicated web portal. Traffic on the customer’s network
is monitored 24/7 for DDoS detection and analysis. Any DDoS attack is reported
promptly to the customer.


The service also enhances network security by analyzing
DDoS attacks to help the customer to protect their servers and routers against
DDoS attacks. Trials conducted by NTT Com and volunteer companies found that
this service can reduce the customer’s DDoS monitoring and analysis operations
by 75 percent.


The Global IP Network Service also analyzes traffic in
terms of autonomous systems, IP addresses, ports, etc. Detailed reporting is
available in graphical display format to help customers visualize their network
traffic situation to better understand their needs for additional network


Trials conducted by NTT Com and
volunteer companies found that this service can reduce related traffic analysis
and reporting operations by 90% for customers.


NTT Com also upgraded its PoP in Equinix data center on
September 7, and plans to launch its new PoP in @Tokyo data center on September
26, both in Tokyo. The two facilities are expected to meet the needs of a wide
range of customers, including content providers, ISPs and telecom carriers both
within Japan and overseas.


NTT Com’s Global IP Network Service is a high-speed
broadband IP communication service operating throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe
and the United States. It directly connects to the company’s Global Tier-1 IP
backbone, which boasts top-level bandwidth for fast, reliable data
transmission, including 520 Gbps for U.S.-Japan traffic, 421 Gbps for
Japan-Asia/Oceania, 77 Gbps for Japan-Europe and 100 Gbps for Europe-U.S.


The network, which supports both IPv4 and IPv6, was one
of the core networks for this June’s World IPv6 Day trial. NTT Com’s Global
Tier-1 IP backbone uses peering relationships only to acquire and forward
traffic, and does not depend on any other ISP as a last-resort destination for


NTT Communications recently announced
that its Arcstar unified communications services will introduce the UCaaS
(Unified Communications as a Service) Plan to allow Arcstar Global IP-VPN
customers to utilize multiple communication functions according to their
situation and needs on a flexible cloud-basis.


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