NTT DOCOMO to deploy multi-vendor NFV technology

NTT Docomo
Telecom network operator NTT DOCOMO announced that it plans to deploy multi-vendor network function virtualization (NFV) technology on its network in March.

This is the first time that a telecom operator will be making investment in the deployment of a multi-vendor NFV technology. Earlier, many NFV technologies already deployed rely on single vendor.

NTT DOCOMO says it has completed development of the world’s first multi-vendor NFV technology that can run Evolved Packet Core (EPC) software from multiple vendors to enhance connectivity in high-volume areas.

“Multi-vendor NFV technology will be deployed commercially on our mobile network,” said Seizo Onoe, chief technology officer of DOCOMO.

NVF technology enables communication software originally designed for dedicated hardware to run on virtualized hardware – ensuring stable network operation by improving connectivity when data volume is high or during hardware failures.

NFV is expected to accelerate delivery of new services and enhance the efficiency of infrastructure investment by enabling software from multiple vendors and hardware to be combined openly in a mobile network.

DOCOMO also plans to deploy software-defined networking (SDN) technology to make IP network flexible in accordance with the introduction of NFV.

NTT DOCOMO expects to virtualize many other key components of its mobile network, aiming at establishing a fully virtualized network.

At the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016, NTT DOCOMO will showcase 5G-related technologies and key services aimed at integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into daily lives.

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