O2 Telefonica deploys Nokia’s AVA for Energy SaaS solution

O2 Telefonica Germany has deployed Nokia’s AVA for Energy SaaS solution, based on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, to strengthen the operator’s energy efficiency efforts across the Nokia radio access network.
Telefonica O2 in GermanyNokia AVA for Energy SaaS automatically monitors network traffic patterns in order to allow operators to throttle back connectivity resources, like base stations, during low usage periods, enabling reductions in power usage.

Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS monitors network performance to ensure that energy saving measures do not have any adverse impact on the quality of service for O2 Telefonica Germany subscribers. Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS can realize around a two-fold energy saving compared to non-AI systems that perform temporary network resource shutdowns based on fixed schedules.

Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS allows operators to locate network anomalies and benchmark the energy efficiency of passive infrastructure, such as batteries and air conditioning units that can account for up to 20 percent of overall energy consumption.

In its test of Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS, O2 Telefonica Germany realized significant energy savings by automatically switching off unused Radio Access Network resources, while maintaining the customer experience.

“We are using intelligent systems and efficient tools like Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS to achieve energy savings in our mobile network and help move us forward in delivering on our sustainability goals,” Matthias Sauder, Director Mobile Access & Transport Networks at O2 Telefonica Germany, said.