Oculeus enhances Gigaclear with retail voice management solution

oculeusOculeus, a provider of cutting-edge software solutions for telecommunications service providers, has successfully deployed its Retail Voice Management (RVM) solution at Gigaclear, the UK’s prominent rural full fibre broadband alternative network provider.

This strategic collaboration aims to bolster Gigaclear’s telephony voice services and support its expansive growth plans, catering to the increasing demand for high-quality voice services in rural communities across the country.

Gigaclear, renowned for operating the largest rural fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network in the UK, currently provides ultrafast, full fibre broadband services to more than 10,000 customers across 26 counties. With its network capable of reaching 450,000 homes, Gigaclear has set an ambitious objective is to extend its reach to over a million premises by 2027. To achieve this goal and ensure seamless customer experiences, Gigaclear has implemented Oculeus’ RVM solution, according to company officials.

Oculeus RVM offers Gigaclear an end-to-end framework to manage all retail voice operations efficiently, the company said. The solution acts as a comprehensive billing platform, streamlining business processes related to customer management, product tariffs, and billing. One of the standout features of Oculeus RVM is its AI-enabled anti-fraud controls, enabling Gigaclear to identify and block fraudulent telecommunications traffic in real-time, ensuring the security of their network and customers’ data.

Gigaclear’s chief information officer, Gordon Perry, emphasized the importance of providing exceptional voice telephony services to meet customer demands. “Our home and business customers are demanding the very best in voice telephony services backed by a seamless service experience,” said Perry. “Oculeus’ RVM product provides us a scalable, end-to-end solution across the retail and wholesale domains, addressing the full customer lifecycle from onboarding through to billing.”

In addition to enhancing Gigaclear’s voice offerings, Oculeus integrated the RVM billing platform with Gigaclear’s CRM platform and other third-party systems, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined operational process.

Arnd Baranowski, CEO at Oculeus, stated, “The UK is clearly one of the most advanced markets worldwide for rural fibre telephony providers, and we have strong expectations that our Oculeus RVM platform will serve as a growth engine for Gigaclear’s voice offering.”

Oculeus recently signed an agreement with Celtiis, a promising player in the mobile provider sector in Benin, for the deployment of Captura NG solution. This sophisticated platform empowers Celtiis to efficiently manage its wholesale operations and seamlessly connect with a diverse network of national and international interconnect partners for voice and messaging services.