Ooredoo Kuwait taps Vuclip to launch mobile video on demand

Ooredoo Kuwait has selected Vuclip to launch mobile video on demand service for a price of 200 fils per day.

Using Vuclip’s Dynamic Adaptive Transcoding Technology, Ooredoo Kuwait will offer unbuffered videos, optimized for network variability, across all mobile devices.

The video deal will assist Ooredoo Kuwait to enhance its data position in the Arab State.
Ooredoo network
Ooredoo Kuwait said the Video Store popular content in languages including Arabic, Hindi, English, Tagalog, Bengali and more to cater to both local and expat audiences. The store will carry the latest movies, TV shows, music, news, sports, among other things.

In addition to consumers in Kuwait, Vuclip offers its video on demand services in UAE, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand via partnerships with carriers.

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