Orange Armenia enhances customer care effectiveness by 20% after using Astellia’s E2E monitoring solution

Telecom Lead Asia: Orange Armenia has enhanced its customer care effectiveness by 20 percent over the last year following the use of Astellia’s E2E monitoring solution, deployed in March 2011.

Astellia’s non-intrusive probe-based monitoring system presents a complete end-to-end picture of Orange Armenia‘s customer activity and troubleshooting capabilities across multiple bearers.

Astellia has won several deals in the recent past. Astellia, a provider of monitoring solutions for optimizing mobile network QoS and QoE, said Vodacom Mozambique will implement its VIP Care CEM solution. The application is designed to improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty particularly amongst high value subscribers.

In addition, Vodafone Czech Republic has selected Astellia as a main partner for testing and maximizing its network performance for 3-year equipment swap project.

Astellia claims that its solution enables investigation of customer complaints and analysis of QoS deteriorations by customer care and support teams.

“Astellia is renowned for its unique, integrated E2E approach to monitoring and is not only helping us troubleshoot customer complaints promptly but is also helping us deliver an independent evaluation of infrastructure provider’s performance,” said Grigor Grigoryan, CTO of Orange Armenia.

The time of investigation and pinpointing of the root cause in case of a customer complaint related to poor quality of service can be considerably reduced by using Astellia’s monitoring solution. The support team can access any subscriber’s call and precisely understand the conditions experienced by the end-user unable to access data services for instance.

“We thank Orange Armenia for their confidence and are delighted to have been chosen as a strategic partner for service quality assurance. Orange Armenia can count on Astellia’s expertise and we see this remarkable improvement in customer care effectiveness as evidence of the quality of our monitoring solution,” said Sebastien Schultz, managing director Europe at Astellia.

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