Orange Capex reached 1.8 bn euros in Q1 as 5G expansion slows

Orange has revealed that its Capex for the first quarter reached 1.8 billion euros, up 194 million euros due to the reduction in asset disposals and enhancement of investments that were slowed in Q1 2020 as a result of the health crisis.
Orange France shopOrange accelerated Capex in France and Africa & Middle East.

Orange’s 5G packages are now available in five countries. Orange France now covers 239 municipalities with 5G. Orange observed strong demand for 5G-compatible smartphones. Orange did not reveal the number of 5G subscribers or 5G ARPU.

Orange recorded 49.3 million households worldwide connectable to FttH (up 22.2 percent year-on-year) and over 50 million households connectable to very high-speed broadband (FttH and cable) as of March 31, 2021.

Orange has started executing its infrastructure roll out strategy that was set out in its Engage 2025 plan. The group created Orange Concessions in January 2021 and launched its European TowerCo TOTEM in February.

The Group announced on April 12, 2021 the creation of a FiberCo in Poland that will support the rollout of optical fiber in areas with limited or no access to very high-speed infrastructure. The FiberCo, valued at launch at 605 million euros, will include 2.4 million lines, including 1.7 million to be rolled out over the coming five years.

Orange is aiming to retain its Capex guidance of 7.6-7.7 billion euros for 2021.

Orange group recorded revenues of 10.3 billion euros (0.5 percent). Growth was fueled by 10.8 percent increase in equipment sales, 5.3 percent increase in fixed broadband services, and 5.1 percent increase in IT and integration services.

Roaming revenue fell 31.1 percent as a result of travel restrictions. Africa & Middle East, where revenue increased by 7.1 percent, was the main driver of this growth. Revenue growth in Poland was 4.1 percent.

Orange had 11.13 million (+2.8 percent) convergent customers at March 31, 2021.

Orange had 216.6 million (+1.2 percent) mobile phone customers, including 78 million contracts (+0.9 percent) at March 31, 2021.

Orange had 45 million (–0.3 percent) fixed services customers. The number of fixed narrowband access lines was down -3.5 percent, while the number of very high-speed fixed broadband access lines continued to grow (+6.2 percent), delivering very good results, particularly in France and Poland.

Orange said mobile financial services expanded their customer base, integrating nearly 300,000 business customers. This brought the total to 1.5 million customers in Europe and over 500,000 for Orange Bank Africa.

Orange Group EBITDAaL amounted to 2.56 billion euros in Q1 2021, down -0.3 percent with roaming revenues declining 42 million euros year on year. EBITDAaL from telecom activities was 2.59 billion euros, down -0.6 percent.