Orange Capex, revenue, Opex and 5G performance in Q3

Telecom operator Orange has revealed its Capex, revenue, Opex and 5G performance for the third quarter of 2022.
Orange 5G mobile businessOrange said its Capex rose 5.2 percent during the third quarter of 2022 to €1.731 billion. Capex fell 4.4 percent to €5.143 billion in the first nine months of 2022. Orange said the drop in Capex is in line with the objective of keeping Capex below 7.4 billion euros for the full year 2022.

At 30 September 2022, Orange had 62.6 million households connectable to FTTH worldwide (up 15.2 percent year on year), including 32.3 million in France (+17.6 percent), where the FTTH customer base increased by 22 percent.

Orange said its revenues for the third quarter 2022 rose 1 percent to €10.823 billion in Q3, driven by 3.2 percent growth in Europe, with Spain returning to growth.

Orange has generated Q3 revenue of €4.465 billion in France, €2.764 billion in Europe, €1.782 billion in Africa & Middle East, €1.906 billion in Enterprise and €168 million in Totem.

Orange said mobile business had 240.4 million (+6.1 percent) connections in September 2022, including 92.1 million contracts (+8.3 percent). Fixed services totaled 45.7 million accesses (–2.2 percent), including 13.7 million very high-speed broadband accesses (+16.8 percent). Fixed narrowband accesses decreased by 13.4 percent year on year. Mobile Financial Services had 1.9 million customers in Europe and 1.0 million customers in Africa at 30 September 2022.

Orange CEO Christel Heydemann said: “We are facing an exceptional economic context which requires us to make the appropriate choices in the coming months. We shall present our strategic plan for the period to 2030 on 16 February 2023 following the publication of our 2022 results.”