Orange revenue, EBITDA, Capex and profit in Q3 2018

Telecom operator Orange announced its revenue, EBITDA, Capex and profit for the third quarter of 2018.
Orange for mobile phone usersOrange has reported revenue of 10.307 billion euros (+0.6 percent), EBITDA of 3.687 billion euros (+3 percent) and Capex of 1.772 billion euros (+10.9 percent) in Q3 2018.

Orange has generated revenue of 4.572 billion euro (+0.9 percent) from France, 1.340 billion euro (+0.5 percent) from Spain, 1.411 billion euro +1.6 percent) in Europe, 1.310 billion euro (+3.7 percent) in Africa & Middle East, 1.785 billion euro (–2.2 percent) from Enterprise and 374 million euros (–9.2 percent) from International Carriers & Shared Services.

The 3.2 percent growth in adjusted EBITDA in the 9-month period confirmed the objective of stronger growth in 2018. The adjusted EBITDA growth of 3 percent in the third quarter is in line with the trend of the previous quarters, with continued efforts to control costs.

“The Group has maintained its momentum, with increased revenues of +0.6 percent despite particularly intense competition in our key markets, while maintaining solid EBITDA growth of +3.0 percent, an indication of the appropriateness of our strategy,” said Stephane Richard, chairman and CEO of the Orange Group.


Orange’s Capex for the third quarter reached 5.141 billion euros (+6 percent) in line with the objective of 7.4 billion euros for the full year. These investments positioned Orange yet again as the number one provider in France in terms of the quality of its mobile network in the 2018 ARCEP survey.

Orange accelerated 4G and reached 15 million of 4G customers in Africa & Middle East in the third quarter.

Orange said Capex for the telecom activities, as a percentage of revenues, was 16.7 percent (up 0.8 points over one year). Orange Group accelerated its fibre deployment. Orange has offered fiber connectivity to 30.8 million households at 30 September 2018.

Orange has high-speed broadband customer base of 13.3 million in Spain, 10.9 million in France, 3.2 million in Poland and 2.3 million in Romania on fiber network.

Orange continued its investment in 4G and 4G+ mobile services with an acceleration in the deployment of 4G sites in France, Spain and Africa & Middle East (notably Mali, Morocco, Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire).