Orange rolls out NFC SIM cards with Gemalto solution in France

Telecom Lead Europe: France’s leading telecom provider
Orange has announced a large-scale rollout of a SIM-based NFC solution in
association with Gemalto, a provider of digital security.


With this roll-out, Orange has become the first operator
in Europe to deploy latest-generation NFC SIM cards to its customers.


The deployment of SIM-based NFC solution will enable
NFC-readiness for mass deployment of mobile contactless services.


Going ahead, Orange will implement the NFC infrastructure
on a national level that enables service providers to come onboard and
massively deploy mobile contactless services.


Gemalto’s NFC solution is fully in line with our
strategy to simplify and secure the use of mobile contactless services. We are
committed to equipping our customers with NFC SIM cards and handsets,” said
Thierry Millet, VP of Mobile Payments & NFC at Orange.


The UpTeq NFC high-end SIM offers the same security level
as chip-based payment or smart cards.


With UpTeq NFC high-end SIM, Orange can offer service
providers such as banks, transport operators or retailers a secure and scalable
solution to deploy new and enhanced services to end users.


The UpTeq NFC solution meets Orange’s qualifications at
both national and group levels and our teams are on hand to support and
accompany the mobile operator in its NFC strategy,” said Philippe Vallée,
executive vice president of Telecommunications at Gemalto.


Orange will provide service providers with a secure space
on the SIM card, to manage and update their end customers’ personal data, as
within a vault.


Orange subscribers will be able to download, activate and
use NFC services on their phone and in an entirely protected environment.


Orange Money customers to get access to Visa Mobile Prepaid

Recently, Visa partnered with France Telecom-Orange to
provide Orange Money customers with access to Visa prepaid account features
inside their accounts.


Orange plans to introduce Visa payment capability to
Orange Money subscribers in select markets by the end of 2012.


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