Orange selects Ekinops for 100G solutions

Telecom network operator Orange has selected Ekinops to supply 100G solutions for its international long haul networks.

Ekinops provides modern optical network equipment for high-speed telecommunications network applications.

With the increasing nature of unpredictable data traffic observed in use, the long haul 100G solution will add to the capacity of existing optical networks.

“Ekinops 100G solution, powerful and simple to set up, meets very well our challenges of increasing our high-capacity routes, which we want fast and flexible,” said Jean-Luc Vuillemin, senior vice president, International Networks, Infrastructures & Services, Orange.

The solution centered on the Ekinops 360 platform will be on roll in the second half of 2016 in all its terrestrial high-speed broadband network elements, consisting of about 18,000 km of optical fiber in France and others in Europe, USA, and Singapore.

Orange claims to give tough competition to its rivals with the increased capacity and performance benefits in serving both the corporate as well as the general subscriber base.

“We are very proud to have earned Orange’s trust for this strategic application with massive potential and to offer an innovative solution to one of the largest carriers. This validates that our strategy and Ekinops’ products are in line with the requirements of Tier 1 service providers,” said Didier Bredy, chief executive officer of Ekinops.

Orange validated the Ekinops solution after a laboratory test period and field tests, concluding that deployment with the latter would be quick and easy for operation and deployment into existing networks, owing to the interoperability featured by the solution, stated the release.

Orange aims to tap 16,000 connections in 2017 and 64,000 by 2020 with plans to invest about Euro 15 billion on its existing networks in a bid to make the fixed and mobile data transmission speed to thrice the current value. The company recently announced complete acquisition of Airtel operation in Burkina Faso.

Orange is also progressing on a 5-year strategic project called “Essential2020” for achieving the above numbers, and it is collaborating with Huawei Technologies to revamp its IT business.

Vina Krishnan
[email protected]