Orange Unveils Max it Super-App Revolutionizing Mobile Services in Africa

Orange, a leading telecommunications company, has launched “Max it,” a super-app aimed at revolutionizing the digital experience in Africa. This innovative mobile app integrates telecommunications, financial services, and e-commerce to cater to the daily requirements of users.
Orange CEO Christel HeydemannA Unified Platform

Max it aims to simplify the digital landscape by consolidating various services under one umbrella. The app combines the functionalities of the popular “My Orange” and “Orange Money” applications, currently utilized by a staggering 22 million customers daily.

Tailored for Africa

Developed by Orange teams in Africa, Max it has been specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of African customers. Initially available in five countries, including Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Botswana, the app will progressively expand to the remaining 12 countries across Africa and the Middle East where Orange has a presence.

A Gateway to Seamless Digital Living

Max it is positioned as a comprehensive portal for mobile services, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies the digital experience for all, regardless of their status as Orange customers. It is poised to offer not only Orange’s services but also collaborations with local and international partners to meet the evolving expectations of users.

Anticipated Growth

Orange foresees significant growth, estimating around 45 million active Max it users by 2025. This projection is in line with the exponential rise in smartphone adoption across the region, expected to reach 61 percent of connected customers by 2025.

Executive Perspectives

Christel Heydemann, CEO of Orange, expressed enthusiasm for Max it, highlighting its alignment with Orange’s commitment to innovation in Africa and the Middle East.

Jerome Henique, CEO of Orange Middle East and Africa (OMEA), emphasized the app’s versatility in meeting diverse needs, spanning phone plan management, financial services, and shopping.

The launch of Max it marks a pivotal moment in Orange’s journey to redefine the digital landscape in Africa, promising convenience and accessibility to millions across the continent.