Privus Mobile offers mobile caller ID service in Vietnam


Privus Mobile announced their contract with
Vietnamese digital media and communication companies Media Hub and Smart Media.


This contract is expected to generate more
than $21 million in revenue for Privus Mobile annually.


The world’s first true caller ID service
for smartphones, is now powering the world’s first national rollout of mobile
caller ID. The mobile caller ID leader has completed an agreement to make
caller information available to 25 million of Vietnam’s wireless users.


In recent years, Vietnam has emerged as one
of the global leaders in wireless infrastructure. The country boasts complete
3G coverage and was listed by AdMob as one of the ten largest consumers of
mobile Internet advertising data in the world.



Nearly 80 percent of the country’s population
uses a mobile phone, while only one-third uses landline phone services.
Offering caller ID services for mobile phones allows the country to maintain
its leading position in global telecommunications as well as to stay ahead of
the globe and on top of growing mobile trends and user needs.



Vietnam has shown incredible growth in its
telecommunications infrastructure over the past few years, to the point that
it’s now introducing concepts and capabilities unlike any other country in the
world, and we’re excited to be a part of it. Vietnam’s strong carrier system
allows us to apply our technology across nearly every handset in the nation
with unprecedented accuracy and effectiveness,” said Greg Smith, president of
Privus Mobile.


Under the terms of the agreement, Media Hub
and Smart Media will provide Privus Mobile with the caller names for both
mobile and landline numbers within the country.



This will allow Privus Mobile to apply its
unique data validation technology to deliver reliable caller ID service to
mobile users by matching numbers with names, regardless of whether or not the
caller is in the recipient’s contact list.



We did a lot of research concerning what
is available in the wireless industry. Privus Mobile clearly had the best
application for us. We have enjoyed working with them and are very excited
about bringing this unique application to our users,” said Tuan Anh Nguyen,
CEO, Smart Media.



By Team