Proximus presents #inspire2022 strategy revealing Capex and Opex

Proximus Group CEO Guillaume Boutin has presented its #inspire2022 strategy revealing its Capex and Opex targets.
Proximus CEO Guillaume BoutinProximus is committed to building the best Gigabit network for Belgium, through acceleration of Fiber and 5G roll-out.

The #inspire2022 plan materializes Proximus’ ambition to build the network of the future to the benefit of the whole country, with 100 percent coverage in High Speed Internet in the long run.

Proximus accelerates significantly its Fiber roll-out program, aiming at connecting 800,000 supplementary homes by 2025, and even 1 million by 2026, compared to the initial plan.

Proximus said it advances its investments to guarantee a faster and more efficient fiber roll out, while seeking partners willing to co-operate or co-invest. Proximus said it aims at connecting 2.4 million homes to fiber by 2025, instead of 2030.

Proximus Fiber network becomes Giga fast with the launch of a 1Gbps fiber option at €15 per month.

Proximus launches 5G as of tomorrow, and as first operator in Belgium, with initial coverage in more than 30 communes across the country. Proximus uses spectrum in existing spectrum holdings, deployed on existing antennas and within current EMF norms.

Proximus will be offering Mobilus 5G unlimited for €49.99 per month. OPPO Find X2 pro will be the first 5G-enabled device in the Belgian market.

Proximus adapts its internal organization by creating a Network Business Unit, led by Geert Standaert, the CTO of Proximus, to focus on creating the necessary ecosystem to bring high-speed internet to the whole of Belgium.

Proximus aims at becoming a legacy-free operator in terms of IT by 2025. This will go hand in hand with a comprehensive skills transformation that will make of Proximus a reference employer for digital talents in Belgium.

Proximus targets an average yearly net indirect Opex reduction of between -1 percent to -2 percent (CAGR) from 2020 to 2022 and further structural efficiency gains beyond 2023. This will be achieved through automation, advanced data analytics and end-to-end simplification of internal processes.

Proximus adapts the management structure of its IT departments to reflect these strategic choices, with 3 new divisions reporting to the CEO: Digital, IT solutions and Architecture & Data.

Proximus will get back to profitable growth by 2022, through its network leadership, strategic partnerships and the creation of local ecosystems

Proximus aims to get back to profitable growth from 2022 by developing its customer base, taking advantage of its network leadership and playing a pivotal role in creating local and relevant digital ecosystems.

Proximus will grow its customer base to surpass 2.1 million internet lines for the consumer segment by 2022, thanks to its plans for Fiber and 5G.

Proximus’ acceleration in fiber coverage requires an increased investment need with until 2025, an expected maximum annual Capex of EUR 1.3 billion. Proximus will spend an increasingly important part of its yearly Capex envelope towards fiber and reduce in parallel non-strategic investments.