Proximus signs MVNO deal with Youfone

Proximus has reached a wholesale agreement with Youfone, one of the main independent operators in the Netherlands.
Proximus CTO Geert StandaertYoufone will start offering fixed and mobile services on the Belgian market as of April 2021.

Youfone is a privately owned company founded in 2008, based in Rotterdam, that mainly focuses on the consumer segment. Youfone is the largest independent operator in the Netherlands with over 400,000 customers, offering both mobile and fixed services.

As of April 2021, Youfone will extend its activities to the Belgian market. The wholesale agreement with Proximus will enable Youfone to offer its mobile solutions as MVNO on the network with the most extensive coverage in Belgium.

Proximus and Youfone have also signed a wholesale agreement for fixed internet access, allowing the Dutch operator to add fixed services to its offering.

The partnership with Proximus will allow Youfone to reach potential customers throughout the country and quickly scale up its business. For Proximus, the agreement marks another step towards exploiting the full potential of its network assets, Geert Standaert, chief technology officer of Proximus, said.

Valentijn Rensing, group CEO of Youfone, said: “Throughout the negotiations, Proximus has shown a true spirit of openness for collaboration. This has resulted in a long-term partnership allowing to create value on both sides.”