Qtel and Nepal Telecom launch new telecommunications hub in Doha

Telecom Lead Asia: Qtel and Nepal Telecom have launched
a new Multi-Service Point of Presence (PoP) for Nepal Telecom. Both companies
have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for launching of the new hub at
the Qtel headquarters here.

As the first Multi-Service PoP in the region, this hub is a
part of recent development efforts to provide better and dependable options of
communication for the Nepalese nationals working in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait,
Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and their families and friends back home.

“The new telecommunications hub in Doha will link NT’s
network to Qtel’s Global Internet Network, allowing for greater connectivity
and capacity in Qatar, as well as across the region and beyond,” said
Gunakeshari Pradhan, deputy spokesperson of NT.

The new Multi Service Point of Presence in Doha is the
second PoP service after Singapore. The PoP will ensure better quality of
services, and calls between Qatar and Nepal will be clearer and data
connections faster and more effective.

 This telecommunication hub also assists in meeting the
business connectivity requirements for local and global customers in expert
service companies and leading industries, including airlines, banking,
financial markets, oil and gas, logistics management and construction

The new hub in Doha will carry voice and internet traffic
from Qatar and the wider region over to Nepal Telecom’s landing base in
Mumbai, India, and then up through to Nepal.

From Qtel’s perspective, Nepal Telecom is the 12th global operator to place a
PoP in Qatar, clearly indicating that more and more global communications
companies consider Qatar as one of the top choices for positioning
telecommunications hub infrastructure.

Mobile penetration in Nepal increases to 45 percent in 2011:
Research and Markets

Mobile penetration in Nepal has increased to 45 percent in
late 2011, with mobile subscriber numbers having increased fivefold in four

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