Quick facts and Bharti Airtel second quarter revenue analysis

TelecomLead.com is presenting quick facts about Bharti Airtel second quarter revenue in fiscal 2014.

All comparable data is pertaining to its second quarter ended 30 September 2013 and first quarter ended June 2013.

Airtel customer base increased to 280,087,000 from 274,917,000.

Total minutes on network of Airtel decreased to 297,873 million minutes from 301,366 million minutes, Airtel said.

Sites on Airtel network increased from 158,613 to 159,439.

Employees of Airtel decreased from 26,042 to 25,288.

Revenue increased from Rs 202,639 million to Rs 213,244 million. Out of this, Indian revenue was Rs 140,793 million, while Rs 74,795 million was international revenue. In dollar terms, its revenue decreased from $3,628 million to $3,398 million.

Profit of Airtel decreased from Rs 6,889 million to Rs 5,120 million. In dollar terms, its profit dipped from $123 million to $82 million. Profit from India was Rs 14,010 million, while international telecom business posted loss of Rs 7,904 million.

Airtel Capex decreased from Rs 22,954 million to Rs 21,391 million. Out of this, Capex in India was Rs 10,429 million and Rs 10,962 million for international operations.

Airtel ARPU decreased to Rs 192 from Rs 200.


Airtel India Mobile Services contributed Rs 113,541 million (up 4 percent), telemedia services Rs 9,757 million (up 9 percent), digital TV Rs 5,072 million (up 29 percent), enterprise business Rs 16,825 million (up 21 percent).

South Asian revenue touched $72 million, up 36 percent.

In India, non-voice revenue contribution decreased to 25 percent in September 2013 from 25.2 percent.

Non-voice business contribution to mobile revenue dipped to 16.5 percent from 17.3 percent.

Airtel 3G customers increased to 8,015,000 from 6,796,000.

The company’s data customer base increased to 50,631,000 from 46,584,000.

Data ARPU of Airtel increased to Rs 70 from Rs 63. Airtel does not share specific 3G ARPU.

Data usage per customer enhanced to 231 MBs from 203 MBs.

Fixed broadband, 4G ARPU grew to Rs 944 from Rs 924. Bharti Airtel does not share 4G ARPU.

Airtel DSL broadband customers increased marginally to 1,439,000 from 1,406,000. The company does not share 4G user base.

Airtel growth plans

Airtel India mobile services have generated revenues of Rs 113,541 million, contributing 81 percent to total revenue.

With Rs 9,757 million revenue in second quarter, telemedia services contribution was 7 percent.

Airtel digital TV services posted Rs 5,072 million revenue with a contribution of 4 percent.

Clocking Rs 16,825 million income, Airtel enterprise business contributed 12 percent to total revenue.

In India, the number of sites increased to 135,412 from 134,736. Out of this, Airtel 3G sites increased to 26,616 from 25,604.

Optic network coverage increased to 175,405 km from 173,217 km.


Mobile user based increased to 66,378 from 64,203.

Airtel Africa ARPU increased to $5.7 from $5.5.

Non-voice revenue contribution to total revenue enhanced to 17.9 percent from 17.4 percent.

Data ARPU of Airtel Africa increased to $1.5 from $1.3.

Number of sites in Africa increased to 17,444 from 17,345. Out of this, 3G sites expanded to 6,237 from 6,201.

Baburajan K
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