Reliance 4G network to offer app-to-app calling service

Reliance Communications Gurdeep Singh
Telecom network operator Reliance Communications today announced app-to-app calling services – on its 4G network — for making calls in India and abroad.

Reliance 4G LTE customers in Delhi-NCR will benefit from better app-to-app voice calls with high-definition (HD) quality and instant connections.

Reliance Communications said Reliance 4G LTE is offering HD app-to-app calling at an introductory price of Rs 1.

The new Reliance 4G LTE SIM comes with 300 minutes of app-to-app talking for 30 days for Rs 1, at 10 minutes per day for 30 days.

Under this offer, Reliance 4G LTE customers will get a daily data credit of 7 MB into their accounts, which can be utilized to make app-to-app HD voice calls for 10 minutes each day. Any data from this quota, if not utilized that day, will stand forfeited.

If the customer uses the daily data quota for any other Internet use, the app-to-app calling minutes will reduce proportionately. The new plan will enable Reliance 4G LTE customers to make calls via data-based apps such as Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, imo and Viber, amongst others.

Customers can use Reliance 4G LTE data network for Internet surfing, movie downloads, music streaming and other entertainment activities.

“Existing and new Reliance 4G LTE customers will switch to the new way of calling, and enjoy instant and crystal clear voice with great savings,” said Gurdeep Singh, chief executive officer, Consumer Business, Reliance Communications.