Rogers launches Internet of Things as a service

Rogers Communications customer care
Rogers Communications today announced the launch of Internet of Things (IoT) as a service — Farm & Food Monitoring and Level Monitoring — in Canada.

In coming months, Rogers will also introduce new IoT solutions including Cold Chain Management and Food Safety Monitoring for restaurants and food kitchens.

“Over 45 percent of Canadian organizations are deploying Internet of Things solutions and we predict the IoT market in Canada to reach a value of $13.5 billion by 2019,” said Nigel Wallis, research director at IDC Canada.

Rogers has tapped blueRover, a Canadian-based provider, to offer IoT services to Canadian enterprises. Rogers will support the solutions, including the management of devices, applications and connectivity for customers.

“Connectivity is now table stakes today when it comes to supporting the Internet of Things – for Canadian businesses to drive real productivity with this technology, they need solutions that are simple to deploy and manage,” said Charlie Wade , SVP, Products and Solutions, Enterprise Business Unit.

IoT solutions allow businesses to securely track and monitor assets in real-time, and also automate manual business processes using sensor technology and secure data pathways. A Rogers-dedicated IoT Support team will additionally monitor these solutions to ensure the customer’s service is always on.

End-to-End Incident Management

Many businesses troubleshoot and manage their own IoT device and network issues, with multiple suppliers. IoT as a Service will be fully managed by Rogers, including connectivity monitoring and management of IoT endpoints. Rogers IoT Support Teams will immediately action solutions for customers when issues arise.

Farm & Food Monitoring

Sensor technology that securely monitors, tracks and automates devices and machines that are used in farming and food services industries such as refrigerators, freezers, deep fryers and ovens. These solutions further help business customers to comply with food safety regulations and to reduce food wastage overall.

Level Monitoring

Level Monitoring is a solution for businesses that require tools to measure and monitor levels of liquids, including grain, oil, water and waste matter. The solution monitors liquid levels in order to eliminate the labour intensive processes . This automated process has potential to reduce the use of emergency deliveries and services, which in turn saves businesses time and money.