Roshan Telecom launches 3G services in Kabul

Telecom Lead Asia: Roshan Telecom has launched 3G services in Kabul.

Roshan CEO Karim Khoja says 3G Jahaan (meaning the world) will be expanded to other places nationwide.

Roshan Telecom’s 3G Jahaan’s features such as video calling, conferencing and streaming.

Last month, Roshan Telecom secured $147 million loan from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to support the acquisition of the company’s 3G spectrum license and continued development of network infrastructure.

Announcing the 3G launch, Amir Zai Sangin, minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) for the government of Afghanistan, said: “The launch of 3G Services is a another major step in transforming Afghanistan into Information Society.”

Roshan Telecom claims that its investment in 3G technology will increase the delivery of product and data offerings, facilitate improved life-saving telemedicine technology for those patients in need of medical treatment and e-learning tools.

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