Rural mobile subscriber base shrinks in India, says TRAI

TRAI today said India’s wireless subscriber base increased 0.19 percent from 1,033.16 million in May to 1,035.12 million in June 2016.

Wireless subscription in urban areas increased 0.78 percent from 584.25 million in May to 588.78 million in June.

Wireless subscription in rural areas declined 0.57 percent from 448.90 million to 446.33 million during the same period.

The wireless tele-density in India increased from 81.18 in May to 81.26 in June. Urban wireless tele-density increased from 147.12 in May  to 148.03 in June. Rural wireless tele-density declined from 51.27 to 50.95. The share of urban and rural wireless subscribers in total number of wireless subscribers was 56.88 percent and 43.12 percent respectively in June.

Out of the total wireless subscriber base (1,035.12 million), 915.12 million wireless subscribers were active on the date of peak VLR in the month of Jun-16. The proportion of active wireless subscribers was approximately 88.41 percent of the total wireless subscriber base.

In June 2016, 5.16 million requests were received for MNP. With this, the cumulative MNP requests increased from 219.27 million in May to 224.43 million in June, since the implementation of MNP. In MNP Zone-I (Northern and Western India), the highest number of requests till date have been received in Rajasthan (about 19.16 million) followed by Gujarat (about 16.83 million), according to TRAI.

In MNP Zone-II (Southern and Eastern India), the highest number of requests till date have been received in Karnataka (about 24.77 million) followed by Andhra Pradesh (about 21.05 million).

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