Rural telecom operators market share in Q1, Vodafone tops

Telecom regulator TRAI has released the market share of mobile operators — both GSM and CDMA — in rural India for the first quarter of 2013. Vodafone leads the list of rural telecom market share.

The rural telecom leader Vodafone has 82.29 million subscribers in rural India with 24.02 percent market share.

Bharti Airtel, the number two player, has 82.16 million mobile users with 23.99 percent market share in rural India.

Idea Cellular is in third position with 65.78 million users and 19.21 rural market share.

The state-run BSNL has 10.17 percent rural mobile market share with 34.84 million users.

According to TRAI, the rural wireless subscribers increased to 342.50 million in March 2013 from 331.60 million in December 2012.

Rural subscription increased 3.29 percent in March 2013 against negative growth of 0.99 percent in December 2012.

Urban subscription declined 1.47 percent against negative growth of 6.75 percent in the previous quarter.

top telecom operators in rural India

The share of rural wireless subscription increased to 39.47 percent from 38.35 percent in total wireless subscription in the first quarter.

Bharti remains the leading operator with 188.20 million subscribers at the end of March 2013, followed by Vodafone (152.35million) and Reliance (122.97 million).

In terms of net additions during the quarter, Idea (7.66 million) has added the highest number of subscribers, followed by Bharti (6.29 million).

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