Shaw Communications expands fibre optic network in Canada

Shaw Communications, a telecom operator in Canada, has expanded fibre-optic network with the deployment of Fujitsu 1FINITY platform and Virtuora software.
Shaw Communications investmentDamian Poltz, VP, Technology, Strategy & Network, Shaw Communications, said: “Fujitsu has helped make our network more agile and scalable, especially in urban areas — which will allow us to continue delivering a seamless connectivity experience.”

Fujitsu has supplied 1FINITY T310 Transport and 1FINITY L100 Lambda blades and with the Virtuora Network Control Solution for a programmable and  optical networking solution to enhance network utilization, capacity and performance.

The Virtuora solution offers software-defined network control capability, network planning and design, network management, as well as service fulfillment and assurance functions.

“Combining our technology with Shaw’s infrastructure has allowed us to enable a virtualized, programmable network with automated applications and faster service provisioning,” said Paul Fagan, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing at Fujitsu Network Communications.

Fujitsu is also supporting Shaw to make enhancements to the coaxial portion of its network to free up bandwidth and increase network capacity. Shaw aims to expand its broadband – most recently doubling the speeds of its fastest internet plans – and offer even faster speeds of one Gbps in the future.