Singtel develops next-gen green AI data centres for AI workloads

Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel's Digital InfraCoSingapore-based Singtel is taking strides in the global AI landscape with the development of a new generation of green and sustainable AI data centres (AI DCs).

The new hyper-connected facilities are designed to meet the surging demand for high-power density AI workloads, particularly those involving Graphics Processor Units (GPUs).

The first of these fourth-generation AI DCs, DC Tuas, boasts a 58MW capacity, making it one of the industry’s most efficient with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of around 1.23 at full load, Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo unit said.

Singtel aims to address the evolving needs of AI-intensive environments by incorporating features like direct-to-chip liquid cooling and immersive cooling to prevent overheating of GPUs. These advanced AI DCs will play a pivotal role in scaling AI workloads efficiently.

The development is part of Singtel’s broader strategy, including the expansion of its regional data center projects in Thailand and Indonesia, bringing its total pipeline capacity to over 200MW.

The company also secured a S$535 million five-year green loan for its operational capacity, aligning with its commitment to transitioning data center energy sources to green and renewable options.

Singtel’s AI DCs will be interconnected with its fixed and 5G mobile networks, orchestrated by the Paragon platform , facilitating various industry use cases and serving as a hub for global enterprises and cloud companies. The AI DCs will offer core services, including cloud co-location and managed hosting, alongside a value-added GPU-as-a-Service (GPUaaS).

This initiative positions Singtel to cater to the growing demand for GPUaaS, allowing enterprises to accelerate AI innovation without significant capital expenditures. With a strong focus on sustainability, connectivity, and efficient AI management, Singtel’s new generation of AI DCs is set to play a key role in shaping the future of AI adoption.

According to Fortune Business Insights, The global GPUaaS market is projected to witness substantial growth, reaching US$25.53 billion by 2030, with the Asia Pacific region anticipated to have the highest growth rate.