SingTel Group Digital Life CEO Allen Lew: We have scale to compete with Facebook and Google

SingTel Group Digital Life CEO Allen Lew on Thursday said the company has the right scale to compete with internet and social media giants such as Google and Facebook.

Internet and OTT players are becoming a major threat to telecom operators in the world, though they complement in the success of mobile sector in many ways.

“We have the scale to compete with Facebook, Google, etc.,” said Allen Lew, CEO, SingTel Group Digital L!fe and Country Chief Officer – Singapore SingTel.

SingTel is winning because the operator has sufficient customer knowledge. “Amdocs assists us for achieving customer knowledge. SingTel has the right ability to bill its global customers. It is not just billing,” Lew added.

Sharing some of the key strategies of SingTel, Lew said SingTel currently focuses on Internet, e-commerce (emotional commerce). SingTel, a telecom behemoth, has more than 445 million customers in 25 countries including Optus in Australia and Airtel of India.

Television is going to see significant disruption. TV used to be the primary screen for your watching of entertainment. It is not now. TV experience will change soon.

“We are changing the game in video business. We will have a proper relationship with our audience. We know what our customers are watching using data analytical capabilities. Audiences are not eyeballs. They are a community. Advertisers can build business,” Lew added.

“Innovation is the key for our business. Technology will be available to all. But success will depend on good partners and the vision we share with our partners. We are in the market not just to lead, but to shake,”

To succeed in an ultra-competitive market – innovation is the name of the game, according to Allan Lew, CEO of SingTel’s Group Digital Life. SingTel, in fact, has undergone a strategic change to embrace innovation and new business.

Allan said SingTel is creating emotional connections with customers.

“We are a telecom company with strong multimedia capabilities. Hence, we are growing. We work with several partners in countries such as the U.S, India, etc. We have customers in countries from Africa to Australia,” Lew said at InTouch event by Amdocs in Singapore.

Baburajan K
[email protected]