Singtel presents Assured+ IoT solution at MWC 2017

Singtel and Ericsson with IoT solution
Telecom operator Singtel has presented its Assured+ IoT solution (Assured+), as part of its IoT strategy, at Mobile World Congress 2017.

Assured+ IoT solution, jointly developed by Singtel and Ericsson, will support eldercare, connected cars and other emerging IoT applications to provide connected life management for consumers. The IoT solution is trying to address industry challenges where the IoT market is fragmented and lacks collaboration.

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“By integrating standalone applications into one solution, Assured+ will bring convenience to our customers and pave the way for more IoT solutions, such as smart home, to be launched in a seamless manner,” said Yuen Kuan Moon, chief executive officer of Consumer Singapore, Singtel.

the Ericsson Mobility Report says that there will be 18 billion IoT related devices by 2022. Assured+ will connect devices across existing 3G/4G networks, NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M. It will help accelerate adoption of these networks while providing fast time-to-market for new services.

Assured+ will give consumers a complete overview of all connected personal, automotive and home devices, with full control available in the outdoors and at home. Trials for Singtel mobile customers will begin later this year.

“Singtel’s network expertise combined with its relationships with device manufacturers, large subscriber bases and retail channels open the door to IoT industry transformation opportunities,” said Per Borgklint, chief innovation officer and head of Business Unit Media, Ericsson.