SK Telecom inks agreement with BreezoMeter

SK Telecom announced its agreement with BreezoMeter, a supplier of air quality data on real-time basis, to deliver accurate, personalized and hyper-local air quality information to its customers.
SK Telecom and BreezoMeter
SK Telecom will provide data obtained through Everyair to BreezoMeter, which will refine the data with its sophisticated machine learning algorithm.

SK Telecom’s Everyair platform measures air quality including levels of indoor/outdoor fine/ultra-fine dust, CO2 and Total Volatile Organic Compounds.

EveryAir is expected to provide a four-day air quality forecast to users, instead of a two-day forecast it currently provides.

The two companies will jointly develop outdoor air quality APIs during the first half of 2020 and will further discuss business plans leveraging this feature.

Hong Seung-jin, head of AI Home Unit of SK Telecom and Ran Korber, CEO of BreezoMeter, were instrumental in signing the agreement.