SK Telecom, Intel to develop virtualized intelligent base station

SK Telecom on Tuesday said it will associate with chip major Intel to develop virtualized next-generation intelligent base station (vRAN).

As per the agreement between SK Telecom and Intel, they will conduct joint research on the next-generation base station solutions to effectively address congested traffic in the in-building environment.

In addition, they will do joint research to drive the evolution of the next-generation wireless network, i.e.: intelligent base stations and cloud base stations.

The vRAN technology is a new type of base station that applies the IT virtualization technology based on the universal hardware such as computer CPUs, and loads all functions in the form of software on the hardware.

SK Telecom

It is able to deploy and delete the base station software that provides a variety of communication functions and intelligent services more easily. Also, it provides more scalability by applying standard interfaces to base station functions.

vRAN system will reduce development time and support new technologies simply by upgrading software running on standard high volume servers.

“With the aim to accommodate surging data traffic and secure differentiated competitiveness, SK Telecom has been making aggressive efforts to enhance its network structure by applying cutting-edge IT,” said Choi Jin-sung, executive vice president and Head of ICT R&D Division at SK Telecom.

Moreover, with vRAN, SK Telecom will be able to operate its network more efficiently by allocating base station resource in a flexible manner depending on the amount of traffic to offer seamless service anywhere, anytime. It will also offer many new intelligent services by utilizing information gathered by the base stations.

SK Telecom is currently leading discussions on issues regarding the vRAN technology as a co-leader of the NGMN standardization project. The company also plans to strengthen R&D cooperation with global enterprises by participating in a Network Function Virtualization standardization effort in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

“vRAN will significantly improve operator costs, efficiencies and services introduction, especially for indoor hot-spots, and we are looking forward to working closely with SK Telecom to deliver these capabilities.” said Rose Schooler, VP and general manager, Communications and Storage Infrastructure Group.

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