SK Telecom offers 30% cut in rate for online-only mobile plans

SK Telecom announced the launch of online-only mobile plans to increase customer value through reduced cost burden and expanded option for mobile price plans.
SK Telecom 5G pricing
SKT will release six online-only price plans for its 5G and LTE customers. These plans will offer about 30 percent lower rates compared to the existing mobile price plans and will be provided without contracts.

5G Untact 62 plan will offer unlimited data at KRW 62,000 per month. 5G Untact 52 plan will provide 200GB of data at KRW 52,000 per month. 5G Untact 38 plan will come with 9GB of data at KRW 38,000 per month.

LTE Untact 48 plan will provide 100GB of data at KRW 48,000 per month. LTE Untact 35 plan will offer 5GB of data at KRW 35,000 per month. LTE Untact 22 plan will provide 1.8GB of data at KRW 22,000 per month.

SK Telecom said it developed the online-only price plans to meet the demand of customers for non-face-to-face channels and will offer more affordable prices by directly reflecting the reduced distribution and marketing costs.

Customers who newly subscribe to SKT’s mobile service and SKT’s existing customers who switch their mobile devices will be able to sign up for the new plans at SKT’s official online mall, T Direct Shop.

“SKT will focus on introducing diverse types of new mobile plans to meet customers’ needs and social trends,” said Han Myung-jin, head of Marketing Group of SK Telecom.