SK Telecom revenue, operating income in Q3

SK Telecom has posted revenue of KRW 4.186 trillion (–5.8 percent), operating income of KRW 304.1 billion (–22.5 percent), and net income of KRW 1.050 trillion (+32.4 percent) in Q3 2018.
SK Telecom to expand LTE speedSK Telecom said earnings in the mobile communications business decreased with the rise in the number of selective contract discount plan subscribers, the plan’s increased discount rate (20-25 percent) and additional discount for the underprivileged.

The company’s T Plan, which was launched in July 2018, has achieved a subscriber base of more than 3 million in October 2018. T Plan offers more mobile data and family data sharing benefits. 0 Plan, launched in August 2018 for 24 or below age group, attracted over 300,000 subscribers within two months of its launch.

SK Telecom has topped all three satisfaction surveys in Korea this year. SK Telecom has maintained its No. 1 spot in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) and Korean Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI) for 21 consecutive years, and the Korean Standard Service Quality Index (KS-SQI) for 19 years in a row.

SK Telecom selected its 5G equipment suppliers in September 2018 for the first time in Korea. SK Telecom has completed the first 5G call using commercial 5G equipment and successfully tested interoperability between multi-vendor 5G equipment.

The company has signed a cross-investment agreement with Deutsche Telekom to provide innovative 5G services. It is also leading efforts to expand the 5G ecosystem by launching realistic media services such as oksusu Social VR.

SK Telecom’s IPTV revenue rose 26.3 percent to KRW 322.8 billion. The number of the mobile IPTV service oksusu subscribers increased 16.6 percent to 946 million, and its monthly unique visitors (MUVs) exceeded 7 million, representing 29.4 percent growth.